Month: October 2017

Autumn fun with Roo

Autumn is one of Roo’s favourite times of year and he loves to get out and about amongst nature. This week he’s been doing just that and has a new film this weekend all about the Autumn leaves and something cool you can make with them. Hop along and join him soon!

Roo’s toddler safari episode two

It’s time to head back out on safari with Roo in his new film! He’ll be on the look out for another amazing animal but he’ll need help finding out what it is.

Once the animal is revealed Roo will have some amazing facts about it. The film is perfect for toddlers, encouraging them to join in and discover another amazing creature. Hop to it and enjoy!

Toddler safari is go!

Hi all, Roo here with my latest film for toddlers. Join me on safari as I go on  the look out for some amazing wildlife with my special binoculars.

Once i’ve found something i’ll need help working out what it is. I’ll also be sharing some amazing animal facts so the little ones get to learn something new too. So hop along with me and lets see what we can see. And remember if you like the films please subscribe to the channel as they’ll be lots more adventures, learning and fun on the way.


Roo goes on safari

Roo loves wildlife and this coming weekend he’ll have a brand new film featuring one of the worlds most beautiful and graceful animals…although Roo would say that would be Kangaroo’s! The films are to help little ones discover wonderful creatures of all kinds whilst helping Roo at the same time.

He’ll be looking through his amazing binoculars and asking toddlers (and any animal lovers really) to help him identify what the animal is.

So hop along and join Roo on a brand new adventure.