I am an experienced writer/producer/director who has worked in television for twenty years.

I began my career as a puppeteer and after training with the Jim Henson organization went on to perform on both “A Muppet Christmas Carol” and “Treasure Island.”

Joining Nickelodeon UK in its early days as a real time animator I was privileged to use a state of the art performance system never seen before on British television.

Wanting a new challenge I became a producer/director creating content for Nick Live which featured comedy sketches, music performances and sport specials. I was also a series producer for Nick Jnr winning a Bafta award for best children’s channel. Other prominent companies I have worked for are Disney, Cbeebies, Tiny Pop and CBBC where I produced on the Emmy award winning show Pet School.

As well as working in children’s television I have produced and directed on high profile entertainment programs such as The  Paul O’Grady show, Quests popular Salvage Hunters and I have also made several films for BBC learning.

Channels and companies I have worked with.


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